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Flow of Integrated System
Flow of Integrated System
Preliminary Planning Our die designers are ready to respond as moment's notice regarding die-type selection and other details. This allows for direct preliminary planning, without a middleman.
Design Put into action from the design stage, our CAD systems for the management of drawings also enable us to respond effectively and aptly to our customers' repeat orders.
Process Management System At our company, delivery date management in our processing system is implemented according to the individual manufacturing steps therein to realize the optimum delivery date that will meet our customers' needs.
Process-by-process Inspections In our inspection system, we carry out thorough inspections at each step and by the final inspection we are able to deliver a product of great precision, after verification via contour measuring instruments and other exacting form-measuring equipment.
Rolled Samples

When appearing at wire shows both domestically and overseas, we decide on a concept form and produce a sample die.
We then actually use that die to roll samples, which we not only distribute to attendees but also use to compile data for use in building even better die forms.

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