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The highest of technological Standards

Since our organization took its first steps in the automotive manufacturer related field,
we have been crafting die-plates not just for standard screws,
but also for the form-rolling processing of forming-parts,
uniquely shaped screws and other parts,
as well as responding to the high standards of our customer's demands
with advanced technical prowess and novel ideas.

Along with the shift toward higher performance and efficiency in industrial products
has come the necessity for specialized and precision technologies in the design and
production of die-plates. Applying the highest in technological standards and know-how,
we are supporting the development of Japan's key industries with precision form parts manufacturers as our mainstay, providing rolling form die-plates for parts that previously
relied on cutting by machine tools for their production.

With development of international patents for die-plates and other activities,
we've got our sights firmly trained on the industry's cutting edge.

Meetin the demands of ANY customer order!
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