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With its domestically produced, high-quality manufactured products exported to all corners of the globe winning the support and trust of people wherever they go, Japan has risen as one of the leading technological powers in the world today.

And vital to every one of these products is a highly developed parts and components industry, and, the people standing behind these products - people like us - precision die-plate technicians and engineers. We take pride in knowing that we are a collective of high-level technicians that stand out among those upon whom the weight of Japan's key industries sits, and will continue to fill our days with the taking on of new technical challenges.

Koji kobata,
President & CEO
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Company Profile
Company Name Kobata Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Adress Factory:
6-53, Imagome 2-chome, Higashiosaka City, Osaka
578-0903, Japan
TEL/FAX TEL : 0729-67-2791 FAX : 0729-67-2793
Start of Operations January 1947
Establishment April 1959
Capital 10 million yen
Employees 30
Main Activities General thread-rolling flat die-plates
* die-plates for tapping screws
* machine die-plates for bolts
* forming-part rolling die-plates
precision gauges, profile-grinding work
Affiliated Company Kobata Tool Tech Co., Ltd.
Banks * Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ,
   Osaka-Kyobashi Branch
* Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,
   Keihan Kyobashi Branch
* Kinki Osaka Bank, Higashiosaka Branch
* Kansai Urban Bank, Higashiosaka Branch
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The History
Jan 1947

Nobutaro Kobata starts Kobata Iron Works at 17-9,
Shiginonishi 1-chome, Joto-ku in Osaka city with operations
focused on the manufacture and repair of threading related machinery.

May 1955 Manufacture and sale of thread rolling die-plates start.
Apr 1959 Business reorganized from a private operation into corporate one as Kobata Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Capitalized at 500,000 yen.
May 1960 Screw manufacturing division added and rolling plant established.
Apr 1961 Heading division added and new heading plant established.
Export of manufactured screws starts the same year.
Jun 1967 Capital increased to 2 million yen.
Aug 1967 Factory built for thread rolling die-plates.
Jun 1968 Capital increased to 5 million yen.
Jun 1969 Capital increased to 10 million yen.
Feb 1971 First horizontal NC milling machine added to thread rolling
die-plate division.
Jul 1973 Succeeded in creation of proprietary method for simultaneous rolling in threading and achieved cost cuts.
Sep 1980 Started development of form-rolling method.
Mar 1982 Form-rolling plates supplied for in-house manufacturing of rolled screws.
Jun 1987 Computers installed for sales management.
Jun 1988 Patent obtained on plate for full thread screws.
Apr 1989 Koji Kobata becomes president as Nobutaro Kobata steps down to become chairman.
Sale of form-rolling plates starts the same year.
May 1991 Founder Nobutaro Kobata passes on and Masayuki Kobata becomes chairman.
Jun 1995 Plants moved to Imagome in Higashiosaka city. Efficiency improved by aggregation of 3 plants in Joto-ku,Osaka city.
Jan 1997 Sales and marketing division spun off as separate entity and established as Kobata Tool Tech Co., Ltd.
Capitalized at 10 million yen.
Jun 1998 Sales and process management completely computerized using in-house software.
Jun 1999 Patent obtained on ball-joint simultaneous rolling plate.
Feb 2000 First CNC profile grinding machine introduced with stabilization of form.
Jun 2001 Exhibited at American wire show (Cleveland, U.S.A.).
Mar 2002 Article on form-rolling method appears in European Fastener Tecnology International magazine.
Apr 2002 Exhibited at European wire show (Dusseldorf, Germany).
May 2003 Introduced CAD/CAM milling machine using software developed in-house.
Jun 2004 Introduced CNC grinding machine using software developed in-house.
Aug 2005 Introduced second CAD/CAM milling machine using software developed in-house.
Applied for various patents.
Feb 2006 Another article on form-rolling method appears in European Fastener Technology International magazine.
Apr 2006 Exhibited at European wire show (Dusseldorf, Germany).
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